Benefits of Software Managed Services

Predictable Low Costs

While an in-house IT team comes with more frequent and unexpected expenses, managed services are packaged into a set amount paid on an annual or monthly basis

Improved Scalability

Managed services can help you expand or upgrade systems when you need to, without having to hire and train employees you won’t necessarily need later on.

A Preventative Approach

By partnering with a managed services provider, you are allowing a dedicated team to monitor your systems for problems and resolve issues before they transform into costly catastrophes.

Deep Expertise

A managed services provider gives you access to a team of experts with precise skills to fill in any gaps in-house.

Available Services


DevOps (“development” and “operations”) combines traditionally siloed teams, their practices, and tools. Under a DevOps model, development and operations teams work together across the entire software application lifecycle, from development and test through deployment to operations. This increases your organization’s ability to deliver applications and services faster.

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Help Desk / Software Support

A well-designed help desk process is your hub for support requests. ETG provides a portal solution, which is a one-stop point of reference that provides centralized information and support management to handle your company’s queries. It works through prioritization, categorization, automated routing, service level management, and escalation capabilities.

Software / Application Monitoring

Our software and application monitoring services strive to detect and diagnose complex application problems to maintain an expected level of service. We monitor your application’s performance trends, including page load time, application availability, response time, error rates, as well as the servers running the application to proactively identify problems and remediate them.

Application Architecture

Application architecture includes all the software modules and components, internal and external systems, and the interactions between them. It is our responsibility to envision and design systems capable of supporting your fast-paced business models. We give you a roadmap and best practices to follow, so that you end up with a well-structured app.

Application Tuning / Optimization

You can use optimization and tuning separately, or in combination to increase the performance of your software or application. While optimization can apply general transformations designed to improve the performance of any application in any supported environment, tuning offers you opportunities to adjust specific characteristics or target execution environments of your application to improve its performance.

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