Technology has been rapidly growing and evolving in the workplace and getting more complex every year. Not to mention, with the vast majority of businesses turning to virtual solutions and many others losing their workforce in the last year and a half due to the pandemic, you may be looking for help managing your services. That’s where managed service providers (MSPs), like EmergenceTek, can step in.

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Software as a Managed Service

One of the many types of things EmergenceTek can manage for you includes software. Our Software Managed Service offerings include DevOps, a Help Desk or Software Support Portal, Software & Application Monitoring, Application Architecture, as well as Tuning and Optimization. ETG are the ones coming in to handle and staff your entire support desk: monitoring, making changes, and supporting you when things come up. 

The value of Managed Services

“Knowledge-intensive industries like IT will be facing the biggest talent challenges by 2030 and a majority of employers will be struggling to fill open positions within 12 weeks.”

– LinkedIn Business

As IT work becomes more and more complex, so too does the skill gap. According to LinkedIn Business, knowledge-intensive industries like IT will be facing the biggest talent challenges by 2030 and a majority of employers will be struggling to fill open positions within 12 weeks.

Sound familiar?

Utilizing a managed service provider is like gaining the capability of an IT Department, with the expertise of seasoned professionals to deliver focused solutions for your company. MSPs can help reduce costs, increase efficiency and competitiveness, and provide scalability. 

By hiring an MSP such as EmergenceTek Group, it can dramatically help save you by recruiting, replenishing, and re-training costs for new employees. We help re-architect your current infrastructure, standardize your processes, and make things more efficient, thereby helping your daily spend go down.

Not only that, if you have an in-house IT staff, managed service providers can still be highly valuable. Using an MSP allows your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives that support your business. It helps your bottom line and it prevents burnout from your team worrying about small tasks and maintenance. 

What sets EmergenceTek Group apart

“Our size is an advantage – we provide a better value because we have less overhead. ETG offers efficient pricing, moderate flexibility, high agility, as well as technical expertise. “

When you’re deciding whether or not to utilize an MSP, there are many factors to consider. You may wonder whether or not size or location matters. Choosing small or local in this case can absolutely make the difference.

Choosing a local provider like ETG doesn’t mean you’ll have to skimp on services or capabilities. Our size is an advantage – we provide a better value because we have less overhead. ETG offers efficient pricing, moderate flexibility, high agility, as well as technical expertise. 

Choosing a local provider also forges a long-term relationship with us as your partner. We specialize in giving each customer individual care and focus. Additionally, we can provide specialized knowledge about the local market and, if you ever need on-site help, can be there quickly to assist.

What you can expect from us

We offer several solutions for your software managed services. You can add services a la carte, or bucket them together as it suits your business needs. They include:


DevOps (“development” and “operations”), in simple terms, combines traditionally siloed teams, their practices, and tools. Under a DevOps model, development and operations teams work together across the entire software application life cycle, from development and test through deployment to operations. This increases your organization’s ability to deliver applications and services faster. 

Help Desk/Software Support Portal

A well-designed help desk portal is your home for information on support requests. It is a one-stop point of contact that provides centralized information and support management to handle your company’s queries. It works through prioritization, categorization, automated routing, service level management, and escalation capabilities. 

Software & Application Monitoring

Software and application monitoring strives to detect and diagnose complex application problems to maintain an expected level of service. We monitor your application’s performance trends, including page load time, application availability, response time, error rates, as well as the servers running the application to identify problems and fix them.

Application Architecture

Application architecture includes all the software modules and components, internal and external systems, and the interactions between them. It is our responsibility to envision and design systems capable of supporting your fast-paced business models. We give you a roadmap and best practices to follow, so that you end up with a well-structured app. 

Tuning and Optimization

You can use optimization and tuning separately, or in combination to increase the performance of your software or application. While optimization can apply general transformations designed to improve the performance of any application in any supported environment, tuning offers you opportunities to adjust specific characteristics or target execution environments of your application to improve its performance.

Choosing ETG as your partner

As businesses are coming back after COVID, this is the time to think about the future of your company and its IT roadmap. You may be moving to digital solutions or upgrading your current setups. Efficient processes are a part of that IT roadmap, but you also need reliable people to make and keep those efficient processes running. Whether you have an internal team or need to fill in the gaps, ETG is here to help. We adapt to the way you do things, seek the ways you support, and bring up potential ways to improve. We’re an experienced, nimble team that can fill in and build out your current business models and help your bottom line. 

To start the conversation about how EmergenceTek Group can help transform your business, call us at 716.406.4544 or send us a message below.

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