A word from our President & CEO, Brian Lehman…

Starting Out

In September of 2012, my partner Bab Namugundu and I took a chance and quit our jobs to start EmergenceTek Group. Our vision was to build an IT organization that supported companies in ways we wish we were supported running our day-to-day projects. Our experience as healthcare IT managers left us struggling with projects that had tight deadlines and never enough resources to complete them. As ETG grew, we quickly started helping companies in various ways – staff augmentation, project support and product development – to name a few. Over the past eight years, we’ve grown a team of software engineers, business analysts, project managers, quality assurance analysts, and business support staff who help serve about 120 customers, have completed over 400 projects and work in 16+ industries.

It’s time for a change

As our company has grown and evolved, so have our customers and their needs. We are seeing more and more of our customers move from traditional datacenters and on-premise environments to leveraging cloud-based solutions. In supporting these customers – via migration services, cloud application development, use of cloud-native services, etc. – we realized that we’ve started to evolve into a cloud solutions company without even knowing it was happening. So what’s what change? Mindset, focus, and dedication. We are taking steps to fully embrace AWS cloud solutions – through training, certifications, sales and marketing campaigns, and more so we can be the experts our customers need.

The numbers don’t lie

Annual spend for public cloud services (i.e. AWS, Azure, IBM, etc.) is expected to grow from $229 billion to almost $500 billion by 2023. As we’ve helped customers through the change to cloud-based environments, we have witnessed the challenges and the benefits. The goal in any organization is cost savings and growth. With AWS, we see both. AWS reports a gain of 62% efficiency of current staff when moving from on-prem servers and data centers to cloud-based alternatives. With this efficiency, and 32% less unplanned down time, the win is simple. Our goal is always to help our current and future customers hit their project goals, KPIs, and growth targets. Companies who use cloud technologies and take advantages of the benefits are reported to be 5x more likely to grow. Why wouldn’t we want to be a part of that growth?

Our progress and next steps

We started this journey early in 2020 with enrollment in the AWS Partner Program. Over the next few months we charted a path and set specific organizational goals for the next year to three years. We first made this announcement to our team at the end of April, and they have responded with complete buy-in to our vision. In the short time since then, we’ve had six individuals become certified AWS Cloud Practitioners, with many more wrapping up trainings and planning to take the certification exam in the coming weeks. We also have team members who are in the throes of preparing for the AWS Solutions Architect and AWS Developer Associate certifications. Our development team has joined with our management team in support of this direction because they understand the cloud-first mentality and live it on a daily basis. While we have been working in the cloud for years, we are now dedicating resources to education, training, proficiency, marketing, and sales to firmly grow ETG as a leading cloud-services company.

How we can help our customers

Our changes aren’t just internal, but external as well. We want to do a better job engaging with our current and prospective customers outside of just project and sales cycles. Along with this post, we’re kicking off a couple different initiatives to help companies evaluate their cloud opportunities, understand what “cloud” means, and see how we’ve leveraged cloud solutions for other companies.

Been There, Done That

An on-going series of blog posts that describe a particular use case and how ETG has been able to leverage or would propose leveraging AWS services. Looking for topics to include: migrating servers and virtual machines from on-prem to cloud (EC2, RDS databases, etc); serverless application development; hybrid cloud solutions; application migration (with, and without restructure/re-architecture); and much more. Please continue to check our website for updated content, use cases and accomplishments!

360° Cloud Services Evaluation

A new FREE offering that provides direct access to one of ETG’s AWS certified experts to work directly with your business to provide a high-level evaluation of your current software development and IT needs with guidance and suggestions towards migrating to, leveraging additional, and/or optimizing current AWS solutions.

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