What It Is

Leveraging years of experience delivering high quality project management, an elastic bench, and direct hire/talent acquisition services, we offer project management, software validation and recruitment solution services.


Deep Expertise: ETG has always been an IT company. Our experience with in-house developers and engineers is easily applicable when searching for quality candidates for your company.

Thorough Vetting: Our three-tier recruiting process ensures each candidate is properly evaluated by our executive team to ensure only the best candidates are passed onto your organization.

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How Recruitment Solutions Work

As an IT company, ETG knows the ins and outs of your industry well. It’s why we can hit the ground running and immediately understand the role you are looking to fill and find candidates that can bring real success to your organization.

Project Management

EmergenceTek Group can provide proven solutions that achieve business results, and are effective and cost-efficient. We lead cross-functional project teams while following Project Management best practice and methodology. From inception through to delivery, EmergenceTek Group works with your team hand-in-hand to ensure a timely and successful delivery of your products.

Available Services

Project Management & Agility Services (SCRUM/Hybrid/Waterfall)

In today’s competitive market, project management and Agility services can streamline your team’s workflow to help release products in a timely manner.

Software Validation

ETG’s Software Validation services provide an efficient, cost-effective, user-focused, and agile testing approach that enables organizations to successfully bring projects to fruition while reducing time to market, cycle time and risk of failure.

Available Services

Manual/Regression Testing

This style of testing is completed by an individual, who verifies essential features of an application or software without the assistance of automation testing tools.

EmergenceTek Group offers:

  • Functional Testing:
    • Integration Testing
    • System Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • SOA/ API Testing
  • Data Centric Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Automation Testing

Uses automation tools to develop test scripts and validate the application or software in significantly less time. 

With this approach, you can expect:

  • Improved delivery of the test flow
  • Increase scalability of the overall test process
  • Improved overall test results

Test Redesigning

In the spirit of agility, we are constantly looking for ways to streamline existing test processes to improve results and increase productivity within the development process. We also provide full test accounting and traceability from development to production.

Cloud/On-Premise Software Validation

Validation is conducted throughout the development process to ensure that the end product is of highest quality, complies with requirements and is performing as intended. ETG offers both cloud and on-premise software validation to account for both environments.

Recruitment Solutions

In the highly competitive IT industry, EmergenceTek Group can be your trusted partner to find and vet the right candidates for job openings at your organization.

Available Services

Direct Hire/Talent Acquisition

At ETG, we believe that your success is our success. Our Direct Hire service caters to all your staffing needs. We provide the best and the brightest talents in the market for an affordable price.

Elastic Bench (Staff Augmentation)

We offer on-demand, effective, flexible, short and long-term staffing solutions to meet your business’ unique needs. We utilize our in-house development solutions resources to augment your team and give you the necessary boost to bring your project to fruition.


Our contract-to-hire solution provides your organization with the opportunity to hire contract resource(s), evaluate their skills, qualification and fitness, and convert them to permanent when the timing is right.

Executive Search

Our Executive Search service provides your organization with unparalleled reach across industries and functions. Featuring highly talented and dedicated recruiters, we deliver speed, discretion, and lasting results.

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