Job Description / Responsibilities

  • Works with company leadership to validate development team and technologies being selected are aligned with the business’ goals and vision of the company
  • Experience with modern database engines used on-prem and in the cloud
    • SQL Server, Oracle, Snowflake, PostgreSQL, Mongo, RedShift
  • Familiarity and use of analytics and data integration applications including:
    • SQL SSRS/SSIS, Power BI, Tableau, IBM Cognos, AWS Athena/QuickSight, Informatica
  • Familiarity and use of Data Orchestration frameworks and managing data from various and disparate sources
    • Apache Airflow, Fiorano, AWS Lamba, Pentaho, PySpark
  • Provides expert level knowledge and skills in data related technical areas:
    • Database administration (DBA), performance and tuning
    • Cloud and distributed systems implementation on Azure, AWS or other platforms
    • Development of ETL processes and procedures including the development of strategy, procedures/policies, (AWS Lambda, Airflow DAGs, Pentaho ETL)
    • Implementation of data observability tools
    • Familiar with data science applications including Python Pandas, AWS Glue/PySpark, Git, Databricks, Jupyter Notebooks
  • Helps to define enforceable company standards and processes
  • Works with current and potential customers to learn about problems and needs from a technical perspective
  • Has effective problem-solving abilities and can create solutions for customer problems/needs
  • Reviews, creates, and maintains technical/supporting documentation for projects
  • Works closely with Managers to understand a customer’s business and helps make the best technical decisions while supporting the customer’s overall goals
  • Coordinates with Scrum Master and Managers on status and deliverables
  • A development resource to the sprint team when available for development or code reviews
  • Responsible for deployment of code to QA, UAT, and production environments
  • Responsible for coordinating with Managers for the scheduling and presentation of project demos
  • Meets deadlines and estimates
  • Offers peer review of code, documentation, and system designs
  • Acts as a secondary resource for troubleshooting customer support issues

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