Collecting, aggregating and analyzing your data to provide actionable information made available to users through easy to use tools, dashboards, and reports.


Easily handle the scale, agility, and flexibility to gain deeper insights using real-time analytics, operational analytics, dashboards, and visualizations.


Process, analyze, and present your data using stunning visualizations and rich dashboards that deliver the data you need to make better business decisions.


Dedicated teams to work on healthcare processes.

  • Subscriber/member eligibility processes
  • Claim processing
  • Integration needs of Facets/third party tools
  • Executive dashboards

Support and Product Development

  • Enrollment pre-processes/pre-authorization request
  • Developed product suite that supports pre-adjudication process using FHIR based utilities.
  • Mobile member HL7 portal
  • Mobile-ready member platform which can be white labeled for your plan.
  • Managed EDI services

Our staff has knowledge and experience that will help you make your compliance deadlines and has experience working with Facets-based companies. We work well with file mappings, error handling, and integrations services for your environment. Set up an appointment with us if you have file/transactional needs or support.