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Leveraging a wide range of AWS-based technologies to store, manage, and process data using a network of remote computing power rather than a local server or a personal computer. We offer cloud migration, infrastructure and adoption services to better manage costs, build in redundancy and improve scalability.


Cost effective: Cloud migration is an operational expense versus a capital expense. It offers the ability to only pay for the resources you use. 

Scalable: Migrating to the cloud allows for organizations to almost instantaneously add or take away resources on an as-needed basis. You can then quickly expand or decrease cloud computing to meet changing demands.

Improved Security: During migration, ETG stays on top of all industry updates and trends to ensure your sensitive data is always safe in the cloud and not susceptible to cyber attacks.

Fast to Market: With cloud migration, your organization can better optimize and accelerate workflows as appropriate.

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How Cloud Migration, Infrastructure and Adoption Works

With ETG, there is quality control built into every step of the cloud migration process. We work hand-in-hand with you to define, design, build, and deploy applications that are tailored to your businesses specific needs in ways that contribute to your long-term success.

  1. Analyze your organization’s current environment and determine its cloud readiness.
  2. Proof of concept for the recommended cloud infrastructure to ensure it can meet your unique needs.
  3. Design the ideal cloud environment.
  4. Build an infrastructure and migrate from the current environment
  5. Deliver ongoing support and maintenance.

Cloud-Native Development

Our AWS-native application development services deliver high-impact, scalable solutions that align with your business strategy. Our industry-proven team of developers, architects, and analysts provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that address your business and technology challenges. We work hand-in-hand with you to define, design, build, and deploy applications. Using a proven software development methodology, coupled with sound industry knowledge, technical know-how, and dedication to excellence; our team tackles every one of your business challenges with enthusiasm and confidence, making sure that we deliver on time, on budget, and most importantly, with quality.

Available Services

DevOps Workflows

DevOps (“development” and “operations”) Workflows combine software development and IT operations to deliver high-quality applications to your business. This collaborative model enables consistent involvement from development and testing through deployment to operations, ensuring there is always the agility to adapt to your ever-changing needs.

Application Architecture

This is the roadmap followed when building an application. As the crucial first step within a larger process, EmergenceTek Group takes the time to understand your unique needs to ensure the application will continually meet those business objectives.

Application UI/UX

Application UI/UX is the user interface and experience of a software application. It’s our job to not only ensure a given application looks visually strong (layout, transitions and interactions etc.) but that using it is logical and intuitive for your end-users.

Application Development

The process of designing, building, and implementing software applications to perform the various functions that your business requires.

Mobile Application Development

The process of creating software applications that specifically run on a mobile device, but like application development perform the various functions that your business requires.

Cloud Migration Consulting & Adoption

Our team of solutions architects and engineers will work with you to evaluate your current infrastructure, applications, and data to recommend a solution that migrates them to a cloud-computing environment.

Available Services

Cloud Consulting

Ongoing knowledge and guidance to help develop an actionable cloud strategy to ensure your business is ready for right now and whatever comes next.

Database Migration

Simply put, database migration is the process of moving data from one or more platforms to another target platform. It often moves data from an outdated legacy system to a more modernized platform.

Cloud Security

Technology and procedures that secure cloud computing environments by keeping data and applications safe from current and emerging cybersecurity threats.

Cost Analysis Comparison

Providing insight into where your designated cloud computing budget is being spent and helping ensure your resources are being allocated appropriately and setting your business up for long-term success.

Lift & Shift

Lift and shift (or rehosting) is one way your business may consider moving to the cloud. It is essentially moving a copy of an existing application and data to a cloud computing environment with minimal or no redesigning or modification.

Current Systems / Environment Evaluation

A comprehensive assessment of your current environment. Whether it’s a Well-Architected Review (WAR) or a physical infrastructure analysis, we provide the support your business needs to move to the cloud or better optimize what is presently in the cloud.

AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews

A WAR (Well-Architected Review) is a systematic approach to evaluating your operations and workflows in Amazon Web Services (or AWS). Amazon offers over 200 fully featured on-demand cloud-computing services from data centers around the world. A WAR can help you identify and fix potential issues with your environment based on the five pillars of AWS.

Pre-Migration Support

Migrating to the cloud can be intimidating. EmergenceTek Group will guide your business prior to migration and every step of the way to ensure project objectives, budgets and workloads are considered from the onset.

Well-Architected Review | AWS Five Pillars | AWS Server Migration Service | AWS Database Migration Service | Buffalo, NY

AWS Five Pillars of a Well-Architected Framework

For more than a decade, cloud computing has become the established model of IT provisioning for service providers. More and more businesses are transitioning to the cloud, and for those that have already been in the cloud, they are continually looking for ways to do things more efficiently, effectively, and affordably than their competitors. This is where EmergenceTek Group (ETG) comes in.

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS)’s Well Architected Framework, ETG can help address your security, storage, performance, or cost optimization issues your business is facing.

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