Buffalo’s Best Places to Work 2016 – Micro Category

EmergenceTek Group Inc.

CEO: Brian Lehman

COO: Bab Namugundu

HR contact: Brian Lehman

Product: Software development and technical talent acquisition

Employees (FTE): 15

Founded: 2012

Company culture: Hardworking, trusting, collaborative, fun, innovative

Popular perks: Company office Xbox One System, paid parking for all employees, flexibility to work from home

The survey says:

  • Everyone at ETG genuinely cares about one another, which comes from management who put a lot of emphasis on keeping high-quality individuals active and involved in the team.
  • I was brought into this job by the optimism and vision of the leadership but more so by the people who work here. The culture has only gotten better and the environment is conducive to positivity and real work. There is still some work to do since we’re a young company, but as growth continues and clarity is gained through shuffling of structure, I feel it’s all moving in a good direction.