ETG Supporting Buffalo-Based Organization with Global Impact

Girls Education Collaborative ETG Cropped

ETG supports Buffalo-Based non-profit organizations with global impact. We are happy to announce our support for the Girls Education Collaborative - a local non-profit organization with global impact; led by Executive Director - Anne Wadsworth. Anne is deeply vested in this cause and has spent significant time working locally and in developing countries such as Kenya; equipping girls with the means to "transcend their circumstances, realize their fullest potential and become catalysts for change in their communities."  

The Girls Education Collaborative is an organization with a vision that we at EmergenceTek Group deeply believe in. Our COO, Bab Namugundu, who is a native of the Democratic Republic of the Congo views this as a cause close to his heart. Their mission is to "forge partnerships with education-centered, community driven initiatives in developing countries to improve opportunities for girls" — which is essential to a functioning society. 

ETG has pledged to a series of donations over the next 3 years to the Girls Education Collaborative organization. As our business continues to grow, ETG will remain committed to continue supporting the local community and to making a difference globally. 



Girls Education Collaborative - Organizational Allies